Four Friends Groups Go To School
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How much and how often should we drink water?


Coach imageQ: Hi Coach - I just had a job interview that went pretty well.  My friend said I should send a "thank you" to the lady I interviewed with, should I?

A: You have a smart friend - yes you should!  This is great opportunity to draw positive attention to yourself, and something most people will not do.  If you know the hiring decision won't be made for a week or so, then mailing a "thank you" is fine.  If the hiring decision will be made within a day or two of your interview, then call the person you interviewed with and leave them a recorded voice message (if you can't speak with them live).  Keep your message brief - simply thank them again for their time and let them know that you hope to become part of their team!




Want financial success? Then establish the habit of spending less than you make.  This will allow you create a savings account so that if "your boat" happens to get a hole in it you'll be able to fix it and "continue sailing", rather than having to "watch it sink" with you still in it!  In most cases, it's really not about how much you make, but how much you spend that determines your financial success - or not!

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