Member of the month

Member of the month May 2011

“Have Your Picture Here!”

Here we take the opportunity to recognize one of our members each month who has contributed to Skillz4Life. Contributions may include:

  • Submitting a thoughtful question to “Ask Coach” which created the opportunity for others to learn and grow along with you.
  • Providing a meaningful comment on the Blog.
  • Sharing and showing with the rest of us by uploading a video or photo.
  • Getting some of your friends to become members too, and letting us know who joined because of you!
  • Providing Skillz4Life with suggestions as to how we can improve things to help you even more. Whether it’s related to the Skillz Library content or format, web site features or function, or the training class experience, we want to know! Go to “Contact Us”.

Thanks for your feedback, input and help – we look forward to having you become a Member of the Month!