How Does It Work?

It’s simple, but not easywe need you!

Our Partners donate the facilities and provide the young adults (students ages 16 to 24) who attend our Skillz4Life training programs, we provide the curriculum, materials, instructors, and web site support, and our Sponsors provide the financial support necessary to cover the training costs for each student who attends. This is where you come in!

Sponsors are individuals, companies, and organizations who realize that it’s today’s young adults who become tomorrow’s workforce, employers, leaders, parents, and contributors of making our world a better place.

Sponsors are simply those who stand up and say, “I’m in!” Investing in lives young adults can yield multi-generational results for good – if these young adults are equipped and supported with the necessary habits and skills to do so.

All students who attend attending one of the Skillz4Life training programs receive:

  • The Skillz4Life “Scanning the Surface” 90-minute, professionally taught training program.
  • An interactive training program syllabus.
  • Membership activation for the Skillz4Life web site – which includes members only access to specific web site features such as “Ask Coach”, “Blog Commenting”, “Coupon Downloading”, and much more!
  • Ongoing teaching and learning support, and program updates.

You can make a positive impact on the futures of our young adults a reality – not just a nice idea…

Please don’t wait! Go to Sponsor Students or Donate right now!

Thank you for caring!