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Will the Skillz4Life training be the initial spark which results in a future business or government leader, a manager or company owner, a law enforcement or fire department official, a teacher, a nurse or doctor, a responsible mother or father, a respectable member of our society and country? While we can’t know this for sure, we can be sure that the odds are dramatically increased in the favor of young adults who are properly trained, equipped, and supported.

Sponsors are simply those who stand up and say, “I’m in!” Investing in lives young adults can yield multiple generational results for good – if these young adults are equipped and supported with the necessary habits and skills to do so.

Students can be sponsored individually, or in groups:

1 Student                                               $39.95 each

2 to 9 Students                                       $33.95 each

10 or more Students                                $29.95 each

All students who attend attending one of the Skillz4Life training programs receive:

  • The Skillz4Life “Scanning the Surface” 90-minute, professionally taught training program.
  • An interactive training program syllabus.
  • Membership activation for the Skillz4Life web site – which includes members only access to specific web site features such as “Ask Coach”, “Blog Commenting”, “Coupon Downloading”, and much more!
  • Ongoing teaching and learning support, and program updates.

Please don’t wait! Become a sponsor or make a general donation right now!

Thank you for caring!

Important Note:

Skillz4Life is not yet registered as a 501(C)3 entity with the Internal Revenue Service. To have your donation qualify as tax deductible charitable contribution, please proceed as follows:

  • Make your check payable to Maximum Impact Foundation Inc. who is a registered 501(C)3 entity.
  • Mail to Maximum Impact Foundation Inc. @ 1700 Adams Ave. Suite 212 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Maximum Impact Inc. is faithful partner of Skillz4Life, providing us with ongoing financial and sponsorship support.

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Sponsor Students