About Us



Here's Why We Exist

When it comes to possessing the skills and habits necessary to build a “successful life”, we believe a significant void exists in the lives of many young adults today. Our definition of a successful life is one which includes mental and emotional healthiness and stability, physical wellness, self-reliance and self-respect, financial security, and realizing personal potential.

Many young adults have not been taught critical life skills, nor are they receiving the mentoring and ongoing support essential for these skills to become the necessary habits required for building and living a successful life. In fact, the most common influences in the lives of young adults today (parents, peers, television, music, celebrities, and advertisers) are frequently modeling and delivering messages which are exactly the opposite of the life skills they so desperately need to be establishing in their lives.

Skillz4Life was created and exists for the purpose of teaching these life skills, helping young adults to begin establishing them as habits and applying them to their daily life, so they can then build a successful life.

More About What We Are Doing

Informal surveys and discussions over the years with middle and senior-aged individuals reveal that there are three distinct areas of life skills which are largely responsible for contributing to a person being successful in life. These areas of life skills, or “skillz”, include Personal Skillz Job Skillz Money Skillz and are referred to collectively as Skillz4Life.

  • In past generations, these areas have traditionally been left to parents to model and teach to their young-adult children. However, today’s most common family structure (both parents working, divorce rates exceeding 50%, and a significant amount of people living well-beyond their financial means) is typically not a positive or constructive environment for the modeling, teaching and learning of important life-long, life skills.
  • The paths that young adults start out on are primarily determined by the personal circumstances they grow up in (good or bad). The paths they remain on come from the many choices they make as maturing adults such as who they spend their time with, as well as what environments they choose to put themselves in. Ending up on a wrong or destructive path is not a life-sentence absent of further choices, but rather an opportunity for a course correction and getting back on a good path filled with unlimited choices and positive outcomes.

The Skillz4Life program was created to introduce, teach, and provide students with the necessary and ongoing support to begin establishing essential life skills as habits, while forming a foundation for a path towards personal success.The teaching and support of the program is accomplished in several key ways:

  1. In-class small group teaching sessions.
  2. An interactive Skillz4Life web site where all program material can be accessed and reviewed, along with several other teaching and learning tools:
    • An “Ask Coach” section where specific questions are asked by web site members and where they then their receive answers – with both questions and answers are available for viewing by all web site visitors.
    • A Blog feature containing updated and relevant material which is written about, discussed, and available for all web site visitors to view.
    • Short videos to show and demonstrate specific program material such as keys to successful job interviewing, conflict resolution methods, effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, etc..
  3. Members and visitors will also be able to enjoy several interactive web site features that are purely “for fun”:
    • Weekly poll questions (relevant to news worthy topics for the 16 to 24 year-old demographic) to participate in and see the results of.
    • Web site members will have the opportunity to post basic information about themselves, as well as post pictures and videos of themselves involving their own personal skills or recreational activities. All posted information, pictures and videos, will be reviewed and approved by web site personnel to ensure the appropriateness of content before it is put on the web site.
  4. Corporate sponsors are invited to participate in several ways:
    1. Advertising of their products.
    2. Coupons and discounts for their products.
    3. Preferential hiring opportunities for graduates of the “Skillz4Life Customer Service Training Program”. This is a separate training program, apart from the regular Skillz4Life program, whereby graduates are taught and then tested to demonstrate their competence in understanding and applying basic customer service functions. A win/win is created because the graduates of this program are pre-trained which significantly increases their chances of being hired, while the sponsoring companies who are involved receive the benefit of being able to hire pre-trained, above-average employees.

Please enjoy our site, consider how you might contribute to our effort, let others know about Skillz4Life, and visit us frequently to see what’s new!