Congratulations to Derek, our Student of the Month!  Derek is 18 and from Orange County, CA.  He recently participated in one of our Job Skillz training programs and immediately applied what he learned:

“What I learned in Job Skillz landed me a job. I followed through in each step. Just turning in the application doesn’t mean it’s done and you just wait for an answer. You have to show initiative and go get that job. Nothing is handed to you and you have to work for it. Job Skillz taught me that you have to work to get work. You must always be polite and it’s ok to ask to repeat or explain a question. Once reading this I was more confident into getting an application to the interview. Thank you Job Skillz, now I have a job at Wild River’s.”

Awesome Derek – way to go!  Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us, and congratulations on your new job!!!

Student of the month

“Have Your Picture Here!”

Congratulations to our Student of the Month!

How winners are selected:

  • Each month Skillz4Life recognizes at least one student who has demonstrated the application of one of the the many Skillz4Life concepts from either the Personal Skillz, Job Skillz, or Money Skillz areas.
  • Each Student of the Month will be recognized on the Skillz4Life web site by having having their picture featured on the Home Page, along with a brief description of the particular Skillz4Life concept they successfully applied in their life.